My Latest Obsession!


What is my favourite thing about the Miele Scout RX2 Robotic Vacuum?

Being an Interior Stylist I take so much pride in my house and how it appears on a daily basis. Part of that involves keeping it clean of course! I love having clean floors and I have always tried to vacuum at least once a day. But being a busy mother and small business owner, that is sometimes not possible as its so much effort to get my big old vacuum out and spend the time doing it when I should be finishing emails or making dinner! So the dust builds up, the days go by and the more frustrated I become that I just couldn’t keep my house the way I wanted. Since using the Miele Scout RX2 though, I can stay completely on top of this one task and it does not eat into any of my precious time. Even better, I can be tidying and cleaning the rest of the house and at the same time my floors are being vacuumed, its such a good feeling getting so much done in a shorter amount of time! If you are pressed for time and are looking for efficiency, then the Miele Scout RX2 Robotic Vacuum is for you! 

What are my favourite features of the Miele Scout RX2 Robotic Vacuum?

I love that The Scout will keep on going until it runs out of battery and then will take itself back to base to recharge so it can go again! My ground floor is quite large so having this feature ensures that I can get all of my floor done! Its like it takes care of itself!

We have a large wool rug in our living area that my son uses as his play space every day, so you can imagine how dirty it gets! When I first received The Scout I wasn’t sure if it would be able to get from the timber floors onto the rug without me having to lift it on there but of course its like a little mountain climber and tackles the rug with ease!

Every now and then my son will leave a little toy out and it can get tangled up in the brush and so an error code will come up on display and there is an easy list that you can readily look up to find out what is wrong. For technically challenged people like me, this makes it super easy to use! It will tell you when the battery is running low, if the dust box needs to be emptied or something is caught up in the brushes – its so easy!  

Like every home we have lots of furniture that needs to be navigated around and odd little nooks and corners that need to be dealt with. The Scout has these amazing corner brushes that can get dust out of the pokiest corner. I love that feature! It literally does every square inch of my floor!

How do you get the most of out the Miele Scout RX2 Vacuum?

I find the best way to get the most out of the Scout is preparing the room before you plan on using it. I put all the dining chairs and stools up, pick up all the toys and anything else lying around on the floor so The Scout has free reign over the entire space! You will get the best result this way.

Catherine Heraghty