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It’s not just about design, it’s about simplicity, timelessness and creating a space that looks and feels like home.

We commit wholeheartedly to every project, and work together with our clients to put forward contemporary and unique design solutions that exceed expectations. Never overlooking the smaller details, we relish in the detail, and give each project the attention it deserves. 

Our process is well planned, collaborative and relaxed. Whether it be a new colour scheme your home is craving, or a complete makeover for your old but well-loved space, we take on every project with the best intentions to present solutions that are both, beautiful and functional. 

The services we offer are: 

Colour scheme preparation

We work together to find the most beautiful colour palette for your space, including new builds or renovations.  

Interior finish selection

Placing focus on the details and how they all work together, we work with our clients to plan the finish selection from carpet, to tiles and joinery, as well as door hardware and bathroom/kitchen fixtures. 

Sourcing Furniture

We take the heartache out of sourcing, and help our clients with finding and selecting the perfect pieces for their space. With well-established relationships Australia wide, we discover the hard-to-find and most wanted furniture that suits every space and budget.  

Spatial planning

We strategically design the best layout for a beautifully functional home, as well as planning furniture size and shape for even the most tricky of spaces. 

Window treatments

We assist in planning suitable window treatment for home, working in with individual style and budget. We select fabrics and colours that work in with the interior styling for a beautiful result.

Artwork and accessories

We believe it is the artwork and accessories that tie an entire scheme together. We make this a fun and easy process for our clients and often style at final stages of the project. 

Onsite styling

The final stages of each project involves at home styling. We hang artworks, dress beds and style rooms, ready for our clients to enjoy.   

For more information or enquires, feel free to get in touch.